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Geregistreerd op: 24 Aug 2019
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BerichtGeplaatst: 10-02-2020 10:19:47    Onderwerp: RICHARD MILLE RM 27-03 TOURBILLON RAFAEL Reageren met citaat

Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone watch

Seeing their first URWERK watches may blow their thoughts by looking at these pictures, but the followers of the brand will find a lot of this familiar. Urwerk UR-103T Red Gold,For all the crazy and awesome things of the new Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone watch, it basically represents a subtle appearance change of existing Urwerk products. In particular, the Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone emphasizes a sturdy and sufficient luminosity and contrasts with the dark titanium case.

More specifically, the Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone is clearly a version of the UR-105 CT Streamliner watch released in 2017. This version is made of steel or black titanium and is itself different from the existing UR-105 watch series. The rypto stone name, of course, refers to a meteorite in the Superman universe, which glows like the luminous body of a watch (making Superman a Superman). Urwerk is generally considered suitable for comic books and other science fiction universes, especially Batman, but I can see it even reminiscent of Blade Runner or Tron. The brand's vintage-inspired vintage elements are at least partly inspired by what the brand calls Art Deco design, inspired by architecture in New York (also known as "Gotham").

Compared to the aforementioned PVC black titanium version of the above-mentioned UR-105 CT Streamliner replica swiss watches using a light yellow gloss, I believe the Super-LumiNova color on Urwerk UR-105 CT K stone is a combination of crisp, mint blue and green. Different types, colors, and brands of illuminants have different luminous intensity, but the number of illuminants applied also greatly affects their brightness. Urwerk did not specify the use of the Swiss Super-LumiNova, but the material of the brand does quote the co-founder Martin Frei, who mentioned that the s-light of Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone is so strong that after being fully charged Can almost be used as a flashlight in a dark room. We want to test it for ourselves, but Urwerk should generally be expected to provide high-quality products and high five-figure prices.

Brightness applies to all displays, namely Urwerk's signature satellite ("wandering") hours, digital seconds display and hours and minutes as indicated by the power reserve indicator. If you don't know yet, the satellite hour indicator (in this particular iteration) consists of four robotic arms, each with a disk that rotates to move the current hour forward while pointing at the minute scale. The seconds on the disc are also shown in red boxes, in decimal, and the power reserve indicator (48 hours) is off to the right of the minute scale.Harry Winston replica watches

As far as I know, the color (probably the volume applied) is the main difference between the PVD black Streamliner and the stone (not even sure if a new name is needed). In a titanium case with a black AlTiN coating, its dimensions are 39.5 mm wide, 53 mm long, and 17.8 mm thick. Its specifications are the same as those of the internal UR 5.03 movement. Titanium is lightweight and should help make such a large watch more durable. We've had the opportunity to write about every feature here many times, but this includes a movement with a "twin-turbo" system that provides the wearer with more automatic winding efficiency control via the joystick at the bottom of the watch Features.

The movement's field of view does not require flipping the watch, but simply sliding the top button opens the "Hunter-style" case cover, just like a car hood. Still covered with sapphire crystal, the glowing parts are particularly cool to see, even if they are hidden inside the movement. Anyway, how unusual Urwerk looks on the wrist, imagine that and then suddenly open the case cover to show curious friends. However, when the hour changes, I do want to know if the indicator's aperture will not be enough to charge due to being under the case-no big deal, but this version specifically emphasizes the aperture.

More varieties and more highlights of Urwerk UR-105 CT is undoubtedly a good thing. Personally, if I shop in this price range, Urwerk UR-105 will be my first choice list, and this particular aesthetic expression is a characteristic of the brand for me. If you already have Batmobile or something similar, then it might be the perfect accessory and you can also afford it.www.chrono36.com
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