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wn up the future: year after year,

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BerichtGeplaatst: 06-09-2019 09:43:34    Onderwerp: wn up the future: year after year, Reageren met citaat

Two years ago, I was arrogant and arrogant. I used the simple and concise words to reject the two years later. I am full of sorrow and grief. I changed my diary over and over again. I always want to change some "warm colors", but my mind is cool or cool012 Marlboro Red.4.29 He suddenly said to me: "I like you", I was just a fun figure, then I came back with the sentence: "I like you too!" But one of his seriousness made me regret saying that, so I Closed his mouth and moved back to his seat and fell into meditation. In a self-study class, I changed my paintings and wrote a letter to return a letter. In short words, I finally got out of school. I just finished it. He stuffed me a note. All I can do is silence: when he returns home, he should I can see the envelope in the bag. 2012.9. am passionate about others, but only to him. Intentionally or unintentionally ignoring him should be the best way to let him die Wholesale Cigarettes. Unfortunately, I am too extreme. This method is undoubtedly the friendship between me and him. I opened the diary that has been dusty for a long time, full of memories. Going back to reality Marlboro Cigarettes, it is a desolation of things: the end of the exam, the same school, different classes I should have known this ending 2014.6.15 I don't know if this is a fateful trick, "I want to study hard", this It is the most mediocre excuse, and for me this is also the excuse for me to be ashamed. Now, he, with the trophy of the physics competition, the chemical competition, and the mathematics competition, is full of rewards - and I, silently doing a nameless pawn in one corner, looks up to his brilliance from afar. The world has changed a bit, let alone the feelings? When he didn't have me in his eyes, I became a person of unrequited love. But I know: We, we can't go back to memories, it's a very tired thing, just like how to lie down when you are insomnia, nothing will last forever, and there will be no long time. I said "I am waiting for you". The promise of "forever" will be washed away sooner or later - but it is a matter of time. Find an excuse, anyone can go first. I took the first step and turned back, it was already desolate. I am the one who took the first step and the one who stayed in the park. Looking at my eyes, I bowed my head and touched my son: "There is only you left." Actually, I have already soberly drawn up the future: year after year, a few precipitations, a few touches, a few warmth, and a few thin cool Inadvertently became a habit to ask each time to rub shoulders, we are just silent, and they don��t even say hello to each other. Seeing him with no expression, I knew: it turned out to be "forever."
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