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The question under

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BerichtGeplaatst: 24-08-2019 05:14:14    Onderwerp: The question under Reageren met citaat

The question under the code is because I have been drinking wine for a few years last night, and I will occasionally pick up a small glass of red wine. When I am at home, I don��t need flowers to match Western food. It��s just like having a little drink with my husband on the bed. Husband is not romantic in many details, but we are just the same in wine: I only love red wine, he only drinks a little red wine, white wine, beer, he will not drink last night to accompany brother and Yan Qun (Chen Chen's husband), they drink beer, I drank 750ml of red wine and half a bottle, they still have to sing and drink, I let the brother send me back downstairs, I can't be too rude, at least when I can control myself. The drunken experience of a few years ago is still fresh in my memory, but it was a youthful age, and I can be unscrupulous, but now I dare not make it like that. When it comes to romance, you can't get around Western food. But this life is doomed to such romance Cigarettes For Sale, I only have exclusive. Whether they are husbands or some people before, they will not eat Western food. A man who had the privilege of accompanying me to enjoy Western food was due to other reasons. Western food addiction has been committed Marlboro Cigarettes. If you don��t say it, you haven��t entered the Western restaurant for three years Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This summer, Jolin will make up for it, otherwise I will be afraid that I will taste Western food again. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it will attract countless eyes. For me who is maverick, it is not uncomfortable to accept such treatment during meals. I have always liked flowers since I was a child. I used to have a special liking for all kinds of flowers. The former people would buy flowers for me. In Fengcheng that year, because they often bought flowers, they all matured with the sellers. It doesn't have to be sent, it doesn't have to be a commemorative day or a holiday. Every season's flowers will be sold. If you are in a good mood, you can buy it. If you are in a bad mood, you should buy it. If you are raining, go out and see if you have any flowers. Because I didn��t raise anything at the time (I like to watch the puppy dogs in other people��s cars when I take a ride, or even follow someone��s distance, I��m almost treated as a neuropathy!), I like flowers, whether it��s a long flowering time (Thailand, I can only be a long time, always be careful, and tell him that flowers are like people... indeed, I was the most charming branch at that time. Later, he also planted flowers for me (my favorite fruit), but it didn't last long, and the back was ruined... Now I grow a little bit, space is limited, my energy is limited, but my husband will help me when I have time. Watering and fertilizing, it feels more romantic than the previous flower delivery... I never found myself as a person who likes to sleep naked. I have never seen it when the whole girlhood and youth are just wonderful. It��s just a transparent one. Pajamas. The first man in my life broke this point in my heart, but it was two parallel lines with him lying on the bed. He didn't like to "tangled" together. Husband likes to "tangled" with me, this is the romance in the bones. Now I have a deeper understanding of this - a person's night, lying on the big bed, using the body to feel the breath or traces left by the husband in the bed, the dream will be very sweet and safe, so my brother said that my husband and I are one Yes, there are romantic people in both bones! It is interesting to have my life with such a person. It is far more exciting and meaningful than working with a machine that only makes money!
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