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increasingly used in cosm

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Applications and prospects of collagen in cosmetics Health Articles | January 6 Scott McTominay Shirt , 2012
Collagen is one kind of protein which evolves from the Greek. Collagen is a white, opaque, non-branched fiber protein, which is mainly found in animal skin, bone, cartilage, teeth, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

It is a very important structural protein of connective tissue and plays roles in supporting organ and protecting the body. Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for 25% to 30% of total body protein Matteo Darmian Shirt , equivalent to 6% of body weight.
Collagen is the major extracellular matrix compounds, with the biochemistry, molecular biochemistry and cellular biochemistry progress, people's understanding of the gradual increase in collagen, collagen is now certainly is not a protein name, astaxanthin but to the immune globulin, as the rich diversity and specificity of tissue distribution, with the tissues and organs function of the functional protein. According to their in vivo distribution and functional characteristics, can be divided into interstitial collagen, basement membrane collagen and extracellular collagen week.
Collagen protein structural and functional characteristics of the diversity and complexity Eric Bailly Shirt , determine its importance in many areas, as well as a good prospect.
Protein is composed of the most important organisms in the material, including the skin covering the body, hair is made up of protein. In addition, the protein is almost dominated the lives of all biological activities, such as: cell division, metabolism, transmission of information, as well as resistance to disease, are dependent on the protein to be completed. Therefore Marouane Fellaini Shirt , in cosmetics, to proteins as active substance is very natural. As a class of very effective cosmetic raw materials, collagen has been developed rapidly in recent years.
As the collagen and hydrolyzed collagen with the structure of human skin is similar to compatibility, there are ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds and other interactions; its preparation of the material, can spread deep into the skin, human skin has a good the role of nutrition; same time, because the molecule contains a large number of hydroxyl, so it has very good moisturizing effect; its amino and carboxyl groups in the molecule also gives it a certain degree of surface activity, which makes it compatible with other materials Antonio Valencia Shirt , good and skin irritation; with age, the ability of fibroblasts decreased synthesis, if the lack of collagen in the skin, collagen fibers linking curing occurs, mucopolysaccharide between the cells decreased, biotin the skin will lose its soft, elasticity and shine, with aging, and leather fiber breakage, fat atrophy Luke Shaw Shirt , decreased sweat and sebaceous glands, the skin pigmentation, wrinkles and a series of aging. Collagen as an effective cosmetic ingredients, to moisturize the skin, giving it the smooth feel of hair has a good conditioning effect. In the U.S., Germany, Japan and other countries, adding there are many high-end cosmetics collagen, even in the human facial collagen injections to maintain youthful skin, reduce wrinkles.
The in-depth collagen study on cosmetics is carried out in the world. Trials say that: 0.01% of pure collagen solution Ander Herrera Shirt , there is a good variety of anti-radiation effect, and can form a good water layer, can supply all the necessary skin moisture.
Collagen products are moderate and safe with many functions. It is in line with the trend of contemporary cosmetics and becomes an important raw material of high-end cosmetics. There are nearly 50 kinds of protein raw materials in cosmetics selling in international market. In China, there are only N-acylated hydrolyzed protein condensate, sarcosine, serine, hyaluronic acid and a few coarse products for sale. With the development of biochemistry and molecular biology, biological materials are increasingly used in cosmetics. Collagen is bound as a functional biological raw material and cosmetic raw materials. It plays an important role for the young man to keep young.聽 Source: The Ghandruk poonhill is one of the popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Most of the people choose Ghandruk poonhill trek tour to explore the beautiful view of the sunrise ormax Kids[/url] Wholesale Nike TN Shoes
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