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A love story with love wallpaper

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Geregistreerd op: 17 Sep 2016
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BerichtGeplaatst: 17-09-2016 04:35:09    Onderwerp: A love story with love wallpaper Reageren met citaat

The story takes place in a small hospital in remote rural areas. In the chemotherapy department a young woman who was in the last stages of cancer. But the pain was always abused, but never forget that woman gave us a grateful smile after the treatment. Whenever she visited her husband, her eyes radiant happiness. It was a handsome man, polite and friendly as well as his wife. I admire their love story. Every day he brings her flowers the same radiant smile, he came to the bed to hold her hand and talk to her. The time is too painful, she cried and became angry , he hugged her in his arms, comforting encouragement for his wife until the pain subsided. He is always there when she needed her, he helped her to drink sips of water and do not forget to pat her eyebrows. Every night, before leaving him close to two people always have moments together free love wallpaper . When he goes, we saw that she was asleep on the lips still smiling subtle strokes. But that night everything changed. When looking at the monitoring board, the results showed that his young wife did not survive tonight. Although very sad, but I know that is the best way for her, from now she will not take the pain anymore. To follow-up on the table, I want to prevent disease. When I entered the room, she opened my eyes lips smiled weakly, but her breathing hard hearing loss. Her husband sat beside her smiled and said: "Until now the most wonderful gift I have for her is my love." And I cried when I don't have a reliable source, I said if they need anything, do not be afraid that she was gone Heart wallpaper .Dem arms beloved husband. I do not know what to do besides trying to comfort and share this pain with her husband. With tear-stained face, he choked up: "Please let me be with her for a while." Step out of the room, standing in the hallway to wipe the tears, remember the smile, remembering eyes, remember that hugs her grip for us ... I remember all about her as a friend I also partly can feel the pain that her husband suffered. Suddenly from inside the room a gruff voice that I never heard. Not only me, but all of them were fascinated by his voice when he spoke all eyes Beautiful brown. Then descending melodic song, he called me to open the door, he looked deeply into my eyes, hugged me and said: "I was singing this song for her every night to hear from the date we are together. Every day I always tried to keep my voice very small so as not to disturb other patients. And tonight I'm sure she's in heaven still hear me sing. I'm sorry I disturbed people just do not know how to live her absence, but every night sad wallpaper I continued to sing for her. Do you think she heard me? ". I nodded, but tears still poured. He hugged me again, kiss me and thank me and everyone. He walked paragraphs, bowed softly whistling a familiar tune. As he walked away, I watched, prayed for her, for him and for me one day and find a love like that.
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